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Jean-Philippe Rio-Py known professionally as RIOPY (IG: @riopymusic) is a chart topping Franco-British pianist, music composer, producer and songwriter. His music has been featured in movie trailers, feature films and documentaries.

RIOPY’s recordings have received 200 million streams worldwide making him one of the most listened to contemporary pianists in the world.

RIOPY had a long standing struggle with depression until a few years ago when he was able to overcome it naturally. We cover a number of his health and wellness strategies throughout our conversation.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression - you’ll want to stick around and hear what RIOPY did to free himself from his internal pain.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • RIOPY discovering the piano at age 2
  • Growing up in a cult
  • How life evolved after leaving the cult
  • Finding a way to heal depression
  • Music as a coping mechanism
  • Music saving RIOPY the first time and meditation the second
  • What are binaural beats?
  • Neuroplasticity: you can rewire your brain
  • How do we control the mind?
  • Hitting rock bottom was the catalyst for change
  • RIOPY’s daily routine
  • Everything affects your brain
  • Fasting improves meditation
  • Binaural beats aid meditation
  • Music is an extremely powerful tool
  • How eating healthy affects your body & mind in a positive way
  • The power of performing for a live audience
  • The act of creation
  • Meditation can save the world
  • The benefits of tuning to 432 Hz
  • The positive impact of the Bliss album

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