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Music, when created correctly has the power to separate you from reality; it is a rare power that brings infinite joy to others. Borak holds that power. This artist’s deep and eclectic style creates energetic sets that offer not only an experience for your ears, but also for your body and mind. In Borak’s music you’ll hear the influence of his travels to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. His influence also comes from his early days in music when he played as lead guitarist in rock bands and as well as the time he spent as a radio host and DJ at Turkey’s Power FM. Over the years his style has grown into a force that brings together tribal drums, distinctive vocals, emotional Eastern ballads, and dynamic bass frequencies to share with people all over the world. The DJ career that started in Turkey took Borak across Europe and to Los Angeles where he has played on stage at some of the top festivals in the world including Burning Man. He has gained additional exposure with his recent co-acts world-renowned DJs Blondish and DJ Tennis in Los Angeles as well as Patrice Baumel at Do Not Sit Miami and with his Lightning in a Bottle 2022 set on Favela stage, which attracted the highest attendancy during for Junkyard during the festival on it's first day. These successes have led him to create an ongoing radio show, “The Ukiyo Podcast,” which became a worldwide sensation after just 20 episodes. By the beginning of the year 2021 Borak, evolved his DJ Sets into hybrid acts to be more expressive. With an elegant approach his guitar travels on top of the grooves that he plays while his music not losing its electronic edge. The community that Borak has created with his music is the fire that ignites his musical spirit as he continues to grow in the United States and beyond. Bookings: Social Media: Soundcloud: Instagram: Facebook:

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