TruthSeekah Deeply Shares His Heart About Where He's Been Spiritually. - Interviewed by Corina


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Hey, in this talk with Corina Pataki I open up about what I have been going through mentally and spiritually. Vulnerability is the name of the game, authenticity! I spoke about why I did the Bob Larson interview / debate. I hope that this talk shows you who I really am, my heart and where I am / we are headed. - Mostly this is for people who don't know me, because if you are a Patreon Partner then you see what I see.... you see what God see's. But, even if you already know this stuff, you will still be blessed from this talk. There is impartation for sure. - Thank you so much for believing in me and my work. Thank you for being in my corner, I am also in yours, and together, we got this!!!! Let's change the world!!!
P.S. Video Is On TruthSeekah and Corina's YouTube - MUST WATCH!!!
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