What REALLY Happens When We Die? Lynn K. Russell Explains Near Death Experiences And The Afterlife!


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Near Death Experience (NDE) researcher and author Lynn K. Russell shares her research about what over 2,500 people have encountered on the other side!
Death is not the end, it is only the beginning!
Lynn says that we are able to retain memories, visit ancestors and loved ones, and she also talks about how we are able to meet our guides on the other side as well!
Lynn has published a near death experience book entitled "The Wonder of You", that is filled with many NDE stories.
She is also passionate about sharing ways on how to overcome the fear of death, once and for all.
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What REALLY Happens When We Die? Lynn K. Russell Explains Near Death Experiences And The Afterlife!
1:22 Lynn K. Russell's Introduction
10:14 Spiritual Encounters Helped Me Overcome The Fear Of Dying
21:02 Christ, Family Members and More Greet You When You Die
47:50 Souls Always Reincarnate
1:07:35 What Happens When The Soul Leave The Body?
1:20:17 Final Words From TruthSeekah
1:26:23 Patreon, Thank Yous!
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