Why Williams Esports is about more than just competition | S5 E13


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Williams Esports carries the distinction of being Wiliams Racing’s only form of motorsport outside of Formula 1. The team competes in the pinnacle of single-seaters and racing esports. That’s it.
It shows just how intrinsically important virtual racing is to the Grove company, originally founded by Frank Williams in 1977.
Now under Dorilton Capital stewardship, its esports squad is pushing the limits of what’s achievable in sim racing – both in terms of the sheer quantity of events participated, but also driver training, education and media assistance.
It's these three aspects we wanted to dive deeper into. Yes, the team has found success across platforms such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione and even Rocket League, but it’s also investigating new ways of nurturing talent that pushes the whole environment forward.
Joining us for this episode of the Traxion.GG Podcast are:

  • Seb Hawkins - Team Manager, Williams Esports
  • Steven English - Director of Esports, Williams Racing
  • Ewan Lury - Esports Press Officer, Williams Esports

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