Adventure Racing Deep Dive with Team Bend Racing Powered by Yoga Slackers: Max King, Chelsey Magness, and Sarah Burke


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In this episode, Travis and Mace are joined by Team Bend Racing Powered by Yoga Slackers!
Known widely as “America’s Toughest Adventure Racing Team,” Team Bend Racing Powered by Yoga Slackers is known for making bold choices, having fun in the harshest of conditions, and inspiring new racers to enter the sport.
They’ve raced domestically and internationally for years and also organize and direct races, including Expedition Oregon. The team is featured in Amazon Prime’s
World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019 (and the Macys were on Team Endure). Join Travis and Mace for a deep dive into one of our favorite sports–adventure racing–with some of the team members after a recent event.
And be sure to check the show notes for links to follow them in the upcoming World and US Championships…plus more links to help you explore this great sport on your own!
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