Episode 600: Healing Women in Recovery with Dr. Alice Kerby


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Dr Alice Kerby specializes in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy and Recovery Coaching. She holds a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is an expert in movement and working with the nervous system and body to unwind past patterns of trauma and chronic stress. Dr Alice helps her clients and students to gently touch into past trauma patterns that are stored in the body. This leads to restored resiliency in the nervous system, offering a greater ability to make choices from a place of one’s essential self. As a sober woman, she is passionate about bringing these tools to women in recovery to facilitate an engaged life that is hallmarked by ease.

She is an avid outdoors woman and adventurer, and is the creator and founder of The Sober Girls Hiking and Adventure Club. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Somatic Experiencing International, She Recovers, the annual Women for Sobriety Conference, The Amazon Corporation and The Holistic Immunity Summit. She is a teacher, clinician, freelance writer, lover of nature, and adventurer living in San Diego, California.

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