Episode 599: How To Become An Emotional Badass with Nikki Eisenhauer


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Nikki is a Professional Psychotherapist, International Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Host of the podcast, Emotional Badass: Where Moxie Meets Mindful. In 2017, she launched the podcast to spread healing, empowerment, and hope to Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), empaths, survivors, and seekers all over the world. Drawing from her personal experiences as a survivor of childhood abuse and the years she’s spent as a psychotherapist and life coach, she mindfully designed the show to be the emotional education so many of us crave.

I truly believe in the power of healing. When we heal our wounds, let go of what doesn’t serve us, and embrace transformational self care, we are able live a life of purpose, peace, and connection. As we each step up to do this healing work—through the butterfly effect, —we change the world.

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