Episode 595: How To Disrupt Generational Trauma with Fellonte Misher & Sangeeta Prasad, PsyD


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Fellonte Misher, Co-Founder and Program Director

Fellonte Misher has supported young men in his community to consider life outside of gangs for many years. He is a third grade teacher at Tubman Elementary School and is an athlete who is dedicated to physical health and reflection. Fellonte is a Washington DC Native who spent four years playing collegiate football at Old Dominion University and then went on to play professionally in Ancona, Italy and in Krakow, Poland. Through In The Streets, he will continue to interrupt the community norms that dissuade young black men from believing that college is a possibility. Fellonte’s goal is to make the young people in his community feel a sense of opportunity to build their life somewhere other than in the streets.

As of now, black men are regularly shot and killed in this community due to gang violence that results from the lack of economic opportunity and the lack of emotional support and consistent role models available to these young men. Fellonte is a big brother to so many members of the community.

Sangeeta Prasad, MEd, PsyD, Co-Founder and Director of Training

Sangeeta Prasad is a psychologist who engages in long term family work in a mixed income practice. She is an adjunct Professor at The George Washington University’s Human Services and Social Justice program. Her areas of experience include early intervention to prevent the continuation of transgenerational trauma in families, addressing racism in clinical practice and in dialogue spaces, and cultural training focused on adapting psychological practice to meet the actual needs of minority communities.

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