Episode 591: What Can I Do To Serve People? Doreen Hills.


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Doreen Hills, MS, NCC, LPC, is the Founder, Director, & Center for Healing Trauma & Attachment.

Their mission is to provide cutting-edge treatment approaches in healing traumatic distress.

We are committed to finding ways to provide quality and affordable therapy and to be the pioneer in healing trauma in NE region.

Doreen has been a mental health provider for over 20 years and has worked in various mental health settings in New York, Philippines, and Colorado.

Before becoming a mental health provider, Doreen worked at the Salvation Army Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program as Residential Manager, Case Manager, and Rape Crisis Advocate.

She worked as a Residential Manager at the Federal Funded Job Corps and was a Crisis Hotline Worker for New York State Crisis Hotline. Doreen's background includes intense and immersed experiences working with poverty stricken fishermen in the Philippines, orphans that were severely neglected and abandoned, as well as Muslims in Manila. These experiences gave her immense insight to trauma, resiliency and healing.

Doreen has conducted and facilitated trainings, workshops, and presentations in Morgan County and neighboring Northeast Counties in Colorado on topics of Attachment, Trauma, Neuroscience, Vicarious Trauma and Self Care, Trauma Informed Interventions and Care, Human Trafficking, Building Better Communication and Resiliency in Agency Settings.

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