Episode 590: Growing Beyond Pain with Amrita Subramanian


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For more than 22 years, Amrita Subramanian has dedicated her career to helping organizations thrive in the midst of crisis. She is also a trailblazer in the field of post-disruptive growth as a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Lecturer at the Wharton School of Business. As an Author, Speaker and Executive Coach, Amrita is on a mission to reach the masses with her message of intentional growth and hope.

Amrita's life has been shaped by continuous growth from trauma. As a little child, she was abandoned in a convent to grow up with other children like her. The trauma and abuse she endured resulted in selective mutism until she was 11 years old, among other things. Today, Amrita can see how such painful episodes throughout her life taught her to grow and now fuels her passion to help others.

Currently, Amrita teaches at University of Pennsylvania. Her contribution as an educator is around sense-making of paradoxes in organizations; inter-group dynamics in complex organizations; inter-generational workforce productivity; storytelling by leaders and negotiators; and designing strategy based on intercultural norms, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. As a consultant and an executive coach, she partners with clients to bring sustainable solutions to solve future problems by harnessing the collective intelligence inside and outside the organization.

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