Episode 673: Being In The Moment: Group Psychotherapy with Dr. Haim Weinberg


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Dr. Weinberg is a licensed psychologist in California (PSY 23243) & Israel, in private practice in Sacramento, California, with more than 35 years of experience. He is also a group analyst and Certified Group Psychotherapist as well as the past President of the Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy and the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society and the list-owner of the group psychotherapy professional online discussion forum. Dr. Weinberg was the Academic Vice-President of the Professional School of Psychology in which he created and coordinates an online doctoral program in group psychotherapy and marital therapy.
He published books on Internet groups and about Fairy Tales and the Social Unconscious and co-edited a book about the large group and a series of books about the social unconscious.
He is on the clinical faculty of Psychiatry at UC Davis Medical Center and a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the International Group Psychotherapy Association, as well as a Distinguished Fellow of the Israeli Group Psychotherapy Association.
He has received several awards including the Harold Bernard Group Psychotherapy Training Award and the Ann Alonso Award for Excellence in Psychodynamic Group Therapy.
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