Episode 656: I'm Not Here to Change You or Judge You with Luis Mojica


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Luis is the founder of Holistic Life Navigation, a form of trauma therapy that integrates whole food nutrition, self-inquiry & Somatic Experiencing. He is a Somatic Therapist who specializes in trauma, addiction, and PTSD. He is also the Director of Nutrition and Detox Services at Samadhi, a holistic recovery center in Kingston, New York.

My name is Luis Mojica (pronounced Lew-Eace {rhymes with peace} Mo-hee-ka). I teach people how to release stress and trauma through listening to their bodies.

I am a trained somatic therapist, life coach, and whole food nutritional counselor. I show up to each moment with unconditional love and understanding.

I'm not here to change you or judge you. I'm here to understand you so that you can understand yourself. From that comes a deep wisdom and love that can heal anything.

I come to this work from a deeply personal experience with suffering and healing that suffering. The environment I create is incredibly loving and empathic. There is no judgment and there are no expectations. I’m a guide who helps you get in touch with your truest self - and from there, everything blossoms.

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