Sergio Avila: Science Education, Reimagining Conservation and Jaguars


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Sergio Avila is a conservation scientist, educator, and wildlife researcher and tracker based in Tucson, Arizona. He is the first regional Local Outdoors Coordinator for the Sierra Club. He is dedicated to designing and implementing local strategies and projects that increase opportunities for people to connect with nature and ignite their commitment for protecting the planet and to each other. Sergio was born in Mexico City and has over 20 years working on local and regional conservation efforts along the US-Mexico borderlands. He works with species from jaguars to butterflies - in real life. He also loves trail running, gardening and spending time outside. We met up with him to run in the desert and to visit the border wall, it was powerful and transformative, we think this episode is too.

Note: This is an English summary episode of our conversation with Sergio. You can listen to the full conversation in Spanish in the previous episode in the podcast feed.

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