Rest, Our Right Relationship with Nature, and Community Care with Laura Edmondson


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Laura is a digital educator who specifically speaks on race and equity in the outdoors and the importance of rest and self care. She is multiracial and a transracial adoptee, she is climber and a core member of Brown Girls Climb and an outdoor enthusiast. She also is a DEI strategist and consultant. She is a full time van-lifer and digital nomad. She is also vegan. We met up with Laura while she was living in an artist community in New Mexico. She is also the host of a podcast "Let us Rest."

She joins the podcast today to chat all about her work as a digital educator, especially when it comes to approaching uncomfortable topics on race and holding space for different educational approaches. Laura also speaks about the way her different identities influence her work as a digital creator, acknowledging the difference between self-care and community care, and her early introduction into sustainability. Tune in to this conversation and listen to Laura’s eye-opening perspective on race, respect, and rest.

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