Environmental Equity, Accessibility, and Conservation with Gabe Vasquez


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Gabe Vasquez is a first-generation American who was born and raised in the borderlands. He is the founder of Nuestra Tierra, an organization focused on supporting and creating thriving border communities via outdoor engagement. Gabe has served his community as a Las Cruces City Councilor, staff member for U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, and by helping to protect New Mexico’s environment and public lands.

He joins the podcast to help us better understand how we can honor and connect with the history of the land and the people of the borderland. Gabe also shares his path to politics, how he made the decision to enter this field, and what his favorite and most challenging moments are of being city councilor.

We also discuss why it’s so important to focus on green space projects and how New Mexico is leading in outdoor equity and environmental justice. Gabe shares the history and significance of the bracero program, what access and opportunity look like for different communities and individuals, and why it’s so important for us to acknowledge these gaps.

This episode offers great insight into Gabe’s work in supporting healthy border communities, how smaller organizations can lead environmental justice work, as well as the huge accomplishments that Gabe has been a part of in the outdoor conservation community.

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