Leading Your Own Professional Development An Interview with Elizabeth Hutchinson


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  • Introducing Elizabeth Hutchinson (01:03).
  • Elizabeth shares some recent PD that had a big impact on her (03:00).
  • Organising PD is great PD (05:58).
  • Elizabeth talks about her own approach to PD previously and now (08:46).
  • The Twitter chat that started everything… Library Staff Love Learning (11:00).
  • Martine talks about how the podcast helps her PD (19:04).
  • The changing landscape of PD - creating your own opportunities (20:28).
  • On Clubhouse (21:03).
  • The challenges of leading your own PD - find your focus, find the time (22:50).
  • The benefits of finding your own PD - finding your purpose, opening doors and finding your clan (28:42).
  • On career paths…. (34:30).
  • Workload and PD - bite-sized PD (36:25).
  • Logging your PD (46:46).
  • Final thoughts (51:43).
  • Find Elizabeth online (52:29).

Thanks to Elizabeth for returning to the show and being an awesome guest.

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