Omni Hotels & Resorts: The Impact of a Single Employee


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At Omni Hotels & Resorts, individual employees are empowered to make decisions that can have a big impact on the guest experience and the company. Joy Rothschild, CHRO of Omni, discusses the “power of one” concept, the importance of workplace culture, and why connecting authentically with talent matters in today’s job environment.

Some Questions Asked:

  • How does Omni attract talent for its hotel positions? 10:53
  • What has kept Rothschild at Omni for more than 40 years? 6:03
  • Where did the “power of one” idea originate? 19:43

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Omni’s unique culture and community.
  • How the “power of one” appeals to both employees and customers.
  • Why and how companies should listen to their employees.


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