SSCT 117- Colin McKenna- What Does Strength Training for Cycling Performance actually entail?


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This week we sat down to talk with Fast man Colin McKenna, a 2x HVTraining athlete, who's seen absolutely phenomenal results following the strength training for cycling performance approaches here at HVT.

Here's the thing that pretty much no one believes: Colin has gotten stupid strong and fast, not having used a weight more than 45#.....He's not the only one:
Carolyn G. who has been in the Big Gear Blueprint program since March, has also gotten really fast, having set lifetime PR's after 5 weeks off the bike, while continuing just her strength training and doing some free-form running!

Today, Colin shares with you his journey over the last 20 or so months, how he's progressed, some of the obstacles he's faced, as well as the many accolades- and disbelief by others- that he could get so strong and fast without "lifting heavy shit", spending hours in the gym, or getting sore at all from his strength training. So much so, that a number of his rides have been tagged as "e-bike rides" on Strava" (They're not, he has witnesses, too).

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