Ep 110- Strength Training for Cyclists & Triathlete Masters Ages 50+


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Strength Training is here to stay. It's finally getting attention in the mass media, which means articles videos, and lots of content from well-meaning coaches and professional journalists. . . While this is a step in the right direction the vast majority of these resources and the information within, are aimed towards endurance athletes in their 20's, 30's and 40's.

From how to train, to what exercises to do and when, Masters athletes over the age of 50 are often not included in the conversation, despite having different needs and some changes to the training approaches.

In this episode we talk about the important considerations you need to take as your enter your 5th decade and beyond, to help you live a truly strong, fit, healthy, and resilient active lifestyle with the help of appropriately designed strength training plans for you and your body.

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