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Motherhood can be totally chaotic and overwhelming, but learning how to keep strong, fit, and safe during pregnancy and after baby shouldn’t be!But let’s be real here mom's...finding the time in your busy life to explore all the mom fitness influencers on IG, FB, or YT is nearly impossible, and how do you know if what you are searching for is the most up-to-date and credible information out there?Join Daisy Andrea Bravo, Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Coach as she interviews the most trusted experts in health & fitness. Sharing their knowledge and expertise on all things relating to Pregnancy & Postpartum fitness.Daisy is the go-to Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Coach for CrossFit, endurance, high-intensity athletes, and the average fitness junkie for a reason. Inside each episode, you’ll get to stand in as she tackles the most common concerns in pregnancy + postpartum fitness. No topic is off-limits! So expect to learn all about workout modifications, core & pelvic floor health, diastasis recti, mental health, natural birth, body image, sex, athletic identity, and so much more!

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