316: Tim Bottke, Redefining digital transformation


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Welcome to Strategy Skills episode 316, an episode with the author of Digital Transformation Payday, Tim Bottke.

Why do companies embark on digital transformation? Is it because they need it? Or is it because it’s the trend?

In this episode, we deep dived into the world of digital transformation. We discussed the common mistakes companies make when pursuing digital transformation and the rationale that CEOs and leaders must have to succeed in this endeavor.

Tim Bottke is a senior Strategy Partner at Monitor Deloitte and an Associate Professor for Strategy and Digital Transformation at SDA Bocconi, a Financial Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek top five European business school. He has more than 22 years of top management consulting and digital transformation experience from two global strategy boutiques and Deloitte, working with clients in more than 20 countries.

Digital Transformation Payday: Navigate the Hype, Lower the Risks, Increase Return on Investments. Tim Bottke

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