151: Jonathan Byrnes, MIT. Build a targeted business that the likes of Google & Amazon can’t match


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Every year, managers at companies large and small are finding it harder to compete with the likes of Google and Amazon, who are muscling into their businesses, stealing their customers, and cornering every conceivable market and service.

Jonathan Byrnes, MIT-based expert on profits, pricing, and strategy, is a co-author of CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOMER: How to Compete Against the Digital Giants and Thrive (McGraw-Hill, May 11, 2021).

The book illustrates how companies can survive—and win.

CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOMER is a powerful and timely guide for managers to level the playing field against their biggest competitors by choosing and providing value to the right customers by:

  • Identifying and focusing on the customers who are the most profitable.
  • Providing services and experiences that can’t be replicated by the tech giants, no matter how much data they have, or how much automation they use.
  • Supporting your chosen customers’ diverse and rapidly evolving needs to accelerate profitability and growth.

These customer-driven strategies enable leaders to build a uniquely targeted business that the digital giants just can’t match. From unbeatable customer service to superior pricing and product selection, CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOMER provides detailed and actionable advice on how to compete successfully with the aggressive giants and how to increase profits as a result.

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