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Do you like paranormal stuff?Do you like marijuana?Do you need a really good laugh?I got all that and a bag of chips... seriously I do. I have snacks of all kinds cuz I'm high. The Strange Night Podcast is excited to bring you more blood, more demons, more exorcisms, more UFOs and abductions than anyone else can. Tune in as I read a myriad of bizarre, horrific, and unexplained phenomena and I'm going to do it all absolutely stoned out of my mind. Fear not !! I am legally allowed to smoke the devil's lettuce. I paid our good old government some monies and they gave me a card that says I can do this without fear of jail time. I'll be selecting a topic for the evening sober as a priest on church on Sunday and then smoking a fat delicious bowl of marijuana, and then together you and I will hear these insane stories for the very first time. It's gonna be wild.

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