The Stoner Den - My Life With Anxiety (Mental Health Awareness Month)


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May was Mental Health Awareness Month! So, in that spirit, I sit down, get super baked and talk a little bit about my struggles with anxiety, what anxiety is and how I have started to work through it.
If you are someone that struggles with mental illness please know that you are not alone! There are so many people out there that struggle with mental illness and we need to talk about it more often!
There are ways to get better and there are really great people out in the world that can help you. Reach out to someone and get the conversation started.
Here are just a few places to start looking if you need some info on mental illness:
They are Canadian sites but should still be good places to can also Google Mental Health Resources and there should be lots of information
Canadian Mental Health Week Website

HealthLink BC Mental Health Page
And if you are having scary thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself please call 911 or contact a suicide prevention line, in Canada it is:
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