The RevOps Mindset: Think Strategically, Execute Tactically


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Revenue operations is an increasingly trendy model of commercial leadership that essentially brings together the operational teams under an umbrella leadership that allows for greater coordination. As companies look to transform, accelerate revenue, and improve productivity, the RevOps model eliminates the siloed nature of these operational teams and expedites the execution of change. Dan Carpenter has taken on this kind of role four times in his career. In his most recent position at PTC, he leads a team of 400 professionals who are responsible for the company’s revenue operations. This wealth of experience uniquely positions Dan to speak about all things RevOps, which he competently does in this conversation with Rico Mallozzi. Listen in as Dan shares his take on the roles and responsibilities of a best in class RevOps organization, the key balances between process, analytics and go-to-market strategy, how sales enablement can be supercharged with RevOps, and what makes a great RevOps leader.

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