Stephen Hallowell On Developing Sales Productivity With A Sales Enablement Team


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Sales is the lifeblood of a company's growth trajectory. However, when not properly executed, it can be a contributor for cost overruns and stalled growth. So what can you do to veer away from underperformance in your sales organization and achieve the results you should be getting? Stephen Hallowell of Highspot joins this episode to give us the answers. Having led major sales transformation efforts at some of the fastest-growing technology companies over the past several years, Stephen has the strategies to help us develop sales productivity in our companies. He discusses getting strong sales efficiency across your teams, understanding the importance of operating a best-in-class sales enablement team, and when you should think about starting a sales enablement function. Join Stephen in this conversation as he moves us deeper into the topic, guiding us with the wisdom to not only know what great looks like, but also scale it in sales.

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