The Startup Guide To Growth


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Scaling and growing a startup can be tricky (and sometimes mysterious). It requires leaders to have a breadth of knowledge on company-building strategies across marketing, sales, product, and talent.

The Startup Guide to Growth, hosted by Sapphire Ventures, is the definitive podcast on growth strategies for startups. This podcast's mission is to provide leaders with the knowledge to help scale their business by hearing from accomplished company operators and builders.

Join us as we demystify the latest trends, techniques, and strategies for startup success. This isn’t another high-level company philosophy podcast. Instead, this show will equip you with actionable growth insights that you can leverage to scale your company. Conversations on The Startup Guide to Growth will span across key scaling topics such as product-led growth, channel partnerships, growth marketing, product pricing, marketplace building, and selling to SMBs.

This podcast is hosted by Sapphire’s Portfolio Growth team that helps portfolio companies achieve operational excellence through a combination of go-to-market, business development, and talent expertise.

Ready to grow your startup and become a Company of Consequence? Tune in to The Startup Guide to Growth to learn from some of the leading company builders and operators today!

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