A Brief History of Good Pt 1: De Toqueville in The New World


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In this first full-length episode exploring A Brief History of Good, hosts Evan and Becky take us on a journey from the dawn of American society to the industrial revolution. We will explore how the work of doing good grew from small-scale volunteer associations into a multi-billion dollar economic engine—and we’ll unpack all the implications of that change for the social sector today.
Hosts for this Episode: Evan Feinberg and Becky Endicott
Produced by Stand Together and BitterSweet Creative
Executive Producers: Obiekwe "Obi" Okolo and Robert Winship
Editing, Engineering, and Sound Design: Robert Winship
Title Track: Old Grump by Smartface
Special Thanks to Producers: Molly Ringel and Elgin Cato
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