144: Married to a Cop: How Your Job is Affecting Your Relationships, Your Communication, and Your Future with Cyndi Doyle of Code 4 Couples


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Cyndi Doyle is a licensed professional counselor and Nationally Board Certified Counselor. She is also certified in Critical Incident Stress Management and serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area on several response teams. Cyndi is also a LEO wife so her work with cops and family members is very relevant to our talk today. She’s a 3 time presenter at the IACP and the host of the Code 4 Couples Podcast, which I highly recommend for you cops out there who are married or are in a serious relationship. You can learn more at code4couples.com or cyndidoyle.com.

In this episode, we talk about how couples can build better communication skills so that the bad stuff we see at work doesn’t get stuffed down, but also doesn’t spill over onto the family. We talk about how to create gratitude for your spouse, and why emotions are neither good or bad and how we can use our emotions to develop better self-awareness.

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