24 Inch Podcast 29: SummerSlam 1990


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On the 29th episode of the 24 Inch Podcast, Steve Bennett and Dave Rowlands take a deep dive into SummerSlam 1990. On this night, Hulk Hogan returned to the ring to get revenge against the Earthquake. At the top, Steve, Paula and Dave are together to kick off the show with some talk about Dave and Paula's rough time since the last show. After the break, Steve and Dave return and the guys give the bio of Earthquake. Also, Steve and Dave talk about the long history of the Philadelphia Spectrum. Then, Dave tells us what the Hulkster was up to in August of 1990. Steve reads the news from August of 1990 while Dave cracks wise and adds his thoughts on a month filled with turmoil in the Middle East, sports facts that Dave doesn't know and Garth Brooks. Steve and Dave break down the entire card from SummerSlam including the incredible match for the tag titles and a strong performance from Power and Glory. The guys also talk about Mr. Perfect's title defense, the Brother Love Show, and the Ultimate Idiot putting the gold on the line vs. Rick Rude inside of Big Blue. Finally, Steve and Dave break down the huge main event of Hulk Hogan vs Earthquake for the WWF Title. Also on this episode, Steve and Dave read listener emails and comments from our facebook page and announce the topic for the next few episode. Intro w/Paula: 00:02:37 History of: 00:14:04 The News/Matches: 00:47:36 Plugs/Emails: 02:11:53 For more information follow us on twitter @24InchPodcast Email us: 24InchPodcast@gmail.com Instagram: 24_inch_podcast

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