Help! My Spouse Keeps Eating Old Eggs And Raw Meat


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When you’re served a plate with a variety of foods on it, should you put a bit of each on the fork to create one multi-faceted bite? Or alternate between foods? A married couple comes to us for mediation in this dispute. Plus, is it okay to eat eggs that were hard boiled for Easter decorations after they’ve sat in a basket for a month? Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings, hosts of the podcast For Colored Nerds and real-life best friends, join Dan to take your calls and resolve your food disputes! They also discuss their own food quirks and quarrels, including how to satisfy a craving for a fake TV cake from 30 years ago, trying Cheez-Its for the first time as an adult, and wedding food anxiety.

The Sporkful production team includes Dan Pashman, Emma Morgenstern, Andres O'Hara, Johanna Mayer, Tracey Samuelson, and Jared O'Connell.

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