Ep 39 - Being Scared, Being Fearless, and Kicking those Buts


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In this episode, Susan discusses:

  • How using excuses (buts) can keep you from moving forward and finding your passion
  • Learning to honor the shadow parts of you without letting it have power over you
  • How the language we use can help to uncover obstacles that are holding you back

Key Takeaways:

  • Honoring the shadow parts of you that are scared, frustrated, confused, or angry will allow you to decide who you choose to have in the driver’s seat of your life vs giving your power away to those parts that are negatively impacting you
  • Using the word "but" causes one to hear ONLY what comes AFTER the word "but"...not what comes before
  • The impact of the language you verbally use, as well as what you hear in your head, is huge and makes all the difference in how we move through an obstacle or emotion
  • Keep track of how many times you use the word "but" throughout your day - you might be surprised at how ingrained it is in your everyday language

"Every piece of language that we use, whether we say it out loud or hear it silently in our minds, can either be a positive or negative enforcer. The positive enforcer drives us to taking the next step on our path. The negative enforcer paralyzes us into inaction and fear. Be aware of the enforcer you're listening to if you want to move toward achieving the goals, dreams, and life you desire." — Susan Dascenzi

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