#206: How To Stop Depression And Anxiety In Their Tracks With Dr. Ellen Vora


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Most people experience depression or anxiety at some point in their lives. And oftentimes, they don’t know where to turn or how to help themselves feel better. In this week’s episode, I am speaking with Dr Ellen Vora - a board-certified psychiatrist, acupuncturist and yoga teacher that takes a holistic approach to helping her clients. Dr Vora believes in making lifestyle and dietary changes to ease mental health challenges before prescribing medication. In this episode, Dr Vora and I discuss the anatomy of depression and anxiety, and she also breaks down the differences between the two. We dive into how different generations react to mental health, how you can support others who are struggling and Dr Vora’s top tips for overcoming depression.

Discussion points

03:45 What Ellen does

09:15 Moments that changed Ellen’s life

14:30 What is depression and anxiety

25:56 How anxiety differs to depression

29:45 How different generations react to mental health

38:11 Tips for overcoming depression

52:32 Helping others feel comfortable to cry infront of you

57:30 Why others don’t take action to feel better

01:00:09 Why Ellen wrote her book, The Anatomy of Anxiety

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