Nature’s 4 Vital Energies and Why We Need Them| Jim Law and Jim Girard with Dr. Christine Schaffner | Episode 172


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Due to our modern lifestyles, our health is suffering more than ever. Our lack of exposure to nature primarily causes one common denominator among all chronic diseases.

On the podcast today, Dr. Christine is joined by Jim Law and Jim Girard to discuss the key elements of nature and how they impact our health at the cellular level.

They also discuss Jim and Jim’s journey and how they created their business, BioCharger.

Conversation Highlights:

  • {10:19} What are the consequences of our modern lifestyle?
  • {17:02} How modern life is disconnected from mother earth
  • {25:26} Coherent light and water in the body
  • {32:56} What is meant by the frequency in our bodies?
  • {42:51} Treatments for chronic illness and much more!

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