Healing Doesn’t Have to be Hard | Kelly Kennedy & Heathar Parisi with Dr. Christine Schaffner| Episode160


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In this mini-episode of the Spectrum of Health podcast, Dr. Christine is joined by Kelly Kennedy and Heathar Parisi while at Dr. Joe Dispenza's FollowUp Retreat. . They share what they have learned while at Dr. Joe’s event as well as their upcoming Female Frequency Retreat being held October 10th-12th, 2022 in Phoenix.

About Kelly Kelly helps clients with a bio-regulatory approach at The True Wellness Center in North Wales, PA, and Bluffton, SC. You can find Kelly virtually at notmedsglobal.com, NOTMEDSglobal YouTube channel & Instagram handle, and on her podcast “The Beats with Kelly Kennedy.”

About Heathar -Heathar Parisi is a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C) with two decades of conventional and integrative healthcare experience. She holds a Master’s degree in Nursing from Simmons University. Her research focused on stress reduction through meditation for healthcare providers and intermittent fasting (IF) for Type-II diabetic patients.

Some of the highlights from today’s discussion:

(2:22) How Dr. Joe’s work and events are changing lives.

(03:00) The long hold – Slow down and experience every moment

(06:30) The future of healthcare is in the biofield.

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