Improving optical performance in NewSpace missions using black coatings - with ACM Coatings of Acktar


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In this episode I speak to Alexander Telle, CEO of satsearch member ACM Coatings GmbH of Acktar Ltd. ACM Coatings specializes in ultra-black coatings and foils that improve the efficiency and performance of optical equipment.

In this episode we discuss how coatings can be used to suppress stray light, and reduce noise and reflections, as well as how to integrate them into space equipment for missions. We cover:

  • How black coatings are leveraged in space missions
  • Qualification and testing requirements for NewSpace missions
  • What satellite camera manufacturers need to consider in order to enhance optical performance
  • Recommendations for designers of star trackers and other optical sensors for satellites

You can find out more about ACM and Acktar here on their satsearch supplier hub.

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