Ground Segment as a Service (GSaaS); streamlining procurement across multiple missions - with Leaf Space


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In this episode we speak with Giovanni Pandolfi of Leaf Space, a Ground Segment as a Service (GSaaS) provider headquartered in Italy and with facilities around the world.

Leaf Space has a major focus on the Ground station as a Service (GSaaS) business model and has served a range of clients across the industry running both single and multiple missions.

In the episode we discuss some of the lessons and insights from this experience, including:

  • The common bottlenecks satellite operators face with ground station access
  • The use of standard framework agreements to provide ground segment services to multiple satellites
  • Meeting regulatory requirements and conditions across multiple missions
  • How Ground station as a Service (GSaaS) framework agreements can streamline procurement and bring satellite operators and ground station managers closer in alignment
  • Predictions on the evolution of the ground segment in years to come

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