Advancing the use of FPGA-based OBCs in space - with Xiphos


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In this episode we speak with Edwin Faier, President & Director of Business Development at Xiphos Systems Corporation.

Xiphos is a Canadian manufacturer of on-board computers and processors, and a satsearch member, and in this episode we discuss advancing the use of FPGA-based OBCs in space applications, covering the following topics:

  • How FPGA-based On-board Computers (OBCs) and Systems on Chips (SoCs) compare to standard microprocessor- and microcontroller-based architectures.
  • The sort of missions and applications that are suitable for FPGA-based SoCs.
  • How the design, testing, integration, and qualification of such systems can differ from computing resources that don't require logic configuration.
  • The emerging opportunities that FPGA-based OBCs and SoCs can offer satellite integrators.

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