Sergey Achkasov~Enter Into Alchemical Musical Elixirs And Measures Of Reality Through Movement !


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Sergey who lives in Russia Is a musical Composer Trained in the principles of working with frequencies for attaining the ability to create sound elixirs. Born-1970 in Moscow Russia; Sergey clearly remembers his 1st spiritual awakening experience, on the beach, of Crimea’s Black Sea in (mid 70’s). It was there, that he had started to hear music, coming from within, inside himself and having the good fortune of a piano at home; began taking special interest in music. His authenticity had some unusual healing and uplifting experiences for those who listened to him play. After graduating from Moscow Central Music School Sergey moved to Poland for 2 years. Lived 1 year in Sweden and then flew over to America in 1995. Became involved with many initiating multiple humanitarian projects with religious organizations.2008 Sergey started training to learn the principles of working with frequencies for attaining the ability to create sound elixirs. Come and sample for yourselves; Sergey Achkasov "Symphony of Abundance" Come Subscribe to Sergey Achkasov u-tube channel· “Fire Of The Holy Spirit” ℗ 2008 Jill Conklin Released on u-tube: 2015 These 11 improvisations – without rehearsals, first-time played/recorded & combined into a CD “Fire of the Holy Spirit” Where to purchase the entire music on CD’s of Sergey Achkasov Worked with Charisma Association/ Moscow, Russia Over 18 years as a Project Manager &(over a decade) Since 2012-21 with Mudrost Almine LLC/Resources for spiritual awakening. AS a CEO/personal translator & MUSICIAN with 2 more recent CD’s: “The Infinite” & “The Great Holy One” Website:
Favourite quote: Spiritual power is not our final goal, it is a side effect of peculiarity from our very own perception ~ Almine
Connect to Sergey on: Linkedin And instagram AS: “atchser”

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