Paul Kershaw ~ How To Tap Into Soul Awareness & Gain Emotional Freedom


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Art Business and Transformational Coach; Paul Kershaw is a Showcase Producer and Agent at Gold Talent Performing Arts International And Director in sales/marketing at Eatpopcorn. Paul’s spiritual quest started at around the age of 30; whilst soul searching, a meditation group that he had joined, had changed his life forever. He was guided to visit India 6 times, with this group; as a raj yogi and left them after, to study various styles of crystal healing. From there Paul was guided into 15 methods of massage therapies and practiced various styles of Hatha Yoga. Along with this awareness, worked as a practicing clairvoyant and medium for many years. A 2011 certified Hypnotherapist and(Emotional Freedom Technique)EFT practitioner(Tapping on accu/points). Was guided through the Lemurian/Atlantean Angel Gods by a Toltec Nagual Master and became certified as a Grand Master Angelic Healer. For 22 years Paul lived with his partner Nico who he met in South Africa in his coming out youthful years. Fast forward to now they have been married for 3 years and have been raising his youngest brother’s 2 daughters for the past 7 years together with Nico(his_husband).

How is it that human values, with some of its roles have shifted and within the journey toward self-sovereignty?

Just how do we tap into Soul Awareness ?

Are you interested in gaining insight through inner work?

Vegan and yoga enthusiast, Paul Kershaw, is here to share with us and just how it is, that we can activate, emotional freedom?

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