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Kazem Bayat has a Bachelor’s Of Art in Business administration; his journey to enlightenment is meticulously grounded and on just how much control we have over our own money. Born in Tehran, Iran(next to Turkey & Iraq) on April 17th 1970. With his father’s passing, well over 40 years ago Kazem was the youngest from 3 older brothers and two sisters. He is a 1993 graduate from the National University of Iran and studied for 4 years Business Administration. In January of 2001 his mother had decided to take him and with his sisters to Canada; immigrating first to Montreal Quebec. In 2007 Kazem moved to North Africa and lived in Ethiopia for almost 12 years before coming back to Canada. With Kazem’s educational background and business knowledge; he was able to help with consultations and investments that went on in Ethiopia. Kazem’s focus was mainly on import and export trading; on the in’s and out’s of international bidding within Ethiopia. In 2019 Kazem moved to Toronto, with his sister; a restaurant owner and where he helped out in anyway he could. The odd jobs here and there that helped him to support his study and highly recommended education towards his licence as an insurance broker. Kazem’s journey to enlightenment is meticulously grounded and on just how much control we have over our own money.

Do you want to learn about the money you spend unknowingly and unnecessarily. How do we manage our wealth: is it through education and transferred money …mortgages….major capital purchases or perhaps it’s taxes? How can we better park our money and where is all this money at; that we can find and put back on our tables?

How can we swing the doors wide open, to enhance our wealth ?

Join us this moment with Kazem Bayat and become empowered; with how to utilize the many facets of insurance.

Here is how to directly reach out to Kazem Bayat: 1-647-615-5148 email: kazemb4@yahoo.ca

social media platform: https://www.facebook.com/kazem.bayat.7

For more information about the insurance company and woman that he works for (LaurieVarcoe Insurance and Financial Services Broker Inc) and company http://www.theinsurancehouse.ca/companies-we-represent

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