The Path of Sacred Entrepreneurship with Ellie Seilern


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In this soul share with creator, mentor and teacher Ellie Seilern we explore all things related to quantum business and the path of sacred entrepreneurship.

We Connect on:

- How we can learn to make decisions that are in alignment with the consciousness of our business? - Getting to know the world of your business intimately. Its qualities, essence, purposes, intentions, gifts. - Looking at the qualities, essence, purposes and intentions of all opportunities, collaborators and projects that come your way and checking that they align with the ecology of your business. - Manifestation + bringing creative projects to life - Creating a healthy and sovereign relationship with social media - Ellie's personal journey with mentorship - Building an energetic foundation for growth and abundance

Ellie Seilern is a creator, mentor and teacher in the field of sacred business, working with conscious enterprises and communities to usher in a new age of devotional living. She holds a deep fascination with the mechanics of quantum business and how to draw the non-linear into practical methodologies. Her heart and mind are most drawn to the fields of money, sacred commerce, Genius activation and creative service.

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Emily Ghosh Harris is an intuitive guide, multidimensional business mentor, podcast host and founder of Soul Media.

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