The Sonic Symphonic Podcast: Episode 6: Cradle of Filth Part 2


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In this episode I continue to pair the re-telling of past experiences alongside the music of Cradle of Filth who, in part, accompanied me through them. Here I discuss the revelations of both the visible and hidden abuse within the home, self-loathing and its destructiveness, an uprising that kicked the perpetrator out only for him to return as a monk, and in a master play of manipulation architect the complete disappearance of my family. In lighter tones, I go on to discuss a gig at the Corn Exchange, interactions with the band, and demonstrate how they influenced my own composition by playing my track 'Daughter of Satan' - an inversion of a widely held belief of the return of the son of god in the year 2028.

Ben Sebastian:

Ben Sebastian's 'Kalasin' series is an demonstrative outpouring of the extremes of epic symphonic and maniacally progressive metal musicality as in each instalment he unleashes his latest vivid instrumental, filmic, and mind-bending creations pushing each release to its absolute limitation. Each track is a journey in its own right, a navigation through seething sound-sphere seas whose tides seek to push, pull, unite, divide, ameliorate and obliterate the expectations of the listener. As if penned by a quill whose ink is dipped in the well of madness; Ben writes with fight, fervour and fever, yet is untiring in his desire to always be dynamically prolific in his dramatic proliferations.

Ben is currently composing 'Ghenghis' - an epic retelling of the Ghenghis Khan story in all its horror and brutality (whilst intermittently releasing a series of stand-alone singles to demonstrate his brand of vocal style, that will tell it). He is also curator of The Sonic Symphonic Podcast; an outlet for unsigned metal artists to get heard along with imaginative real-life story-telling and colourful interviews - all immersed in his philosophical mission to promote and engender musicians to invest in the furtherance of their own unique talents above all else as a mechanism for overcoming , and surpassing, the frailty of personal mental health and the general vicissitudes of life.

Thanks to Cradle of Filth for the music!

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