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“A lot of realtors don't know how to budget, they don't know how to run a business, they just kind of jump in there. And some of us become successful, luckily, and some of us don't, but there's a formula to become a successful real estate agent.”

In this episode, Khalid Nathan Aleem, Podcast host, is joined by Harveer Singh, a CPA by profession, then jumps into the startup world, learning about running a business from the ground up, then finally got into the real estate world. Became the number one realtor in social media in Jersey City, North Jersey, just ranked number 95 On PropertySpark, and being top 100 Real Estate agents on Instagram. It has been such an amazing experience building his business from the ground up over the years and so he wanted to share all his secrets and kind of pull the curtain back on his real estate business, his career, advice for young entrepreneurs, marketing, among many other things.

Listen and discover more!

1:25 - Discover Harveer’s interesting and funny journey how did he got to real estate primarily as an investment decision, and his formula to become a successful real estate agent

6:05 - What made him decide to go full-time and focus mainly as a Realtor?

7:46 - social media, did you have a success story and goals, journey with social media

9:39 - His process, helpful tips, and strategies in converting clients into DMs thus growing his real estate business

11:47 - What are the factors that contribute to his 36% conversion rate?

13:41 - How to get the attention of your followers on Instagram?

15:26 - What are the three tiers of hashtags that you need to have in your Instagram posts and the importance of using them?

18:06 - Learn different types of content and ways how to do it.

20:37 - Knowing your target audience is essential not only in your business but in every facet of life

21:56 - Learning how to improve your skill, utilizing the tools needed, outsourcing things out, and having the patience to grow your real estate business

23:49 - Applying different marketing techniques to get out to people, nurturing your leads, and how set you apart from your competitors

25:07 - What advice would Harveer give to realtors in reference to social media if they were just starting out, and hadn't used social media before?

29:20 - Digging deeper into “Guerilla Marketing”, doing paid advertising, and impressive ways to stay on top

36:50 - Discover social media hack in Instagram to sky-rocket your followers

41:01 - Staying authentic with your engagement strategy on Instagram

Key Takeaways:

  • When you go into business, you got to go in strong and invest in everything
  • The biggest thing is to show yourself your personality, and people will like you for being you. Just be yourself and just get yourself out on social media
  • As long as you're open, friendly, and educating, that's what's really important to help convert in your DMs
  • It's really important that your main goal is not about money. It's how you help.
  • Always think about your target market when you're thinking of how to push these hashtags out.
  • A big part of social media is like testing things out, trying things and seeing what works for you, and what doesn't work for you.
  • You should not take social media as a leisure activity, you should treat it as a business.
  • Social media is like planting a seed, this is not something you're going to start today and you're going to get clients tomorrow.
  • To become a successful real estate agent, you have to be consistent, you have to put the time into every aspect such as lead generation, building your database, posting regularly, and you have to set a time aside to do everything.
  • Set some ground rules for yourself while on social media, stay diligent, and focused, prioritizing things what’s important and what not

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