From Athlete to Real Estate Social Media Rockstar - Episode #10 with Bryan Casella


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Closed 13 deals in his first year. And then doubled that in the second year. And YOU can do it too. Learn how!

In this episode, Khalid Nathan Aleem, Podcast host, is joined by Athlete, and Youtube Rockstar Bryan Casella from Team BC Real estate eXp Realty of California, Inc. He will share his expertise in using traditional prospecting to optimize and leverage the use of videos, providing some excellent tips you can roll out to your clients. Bryan breaks down how he transitioned and mixed up things to achieve massive growth in his real estate business and took his Real Estate Career to another level.

Furthermore, discover his secret formula and recipe to ensure you start out on the right foot in order to capture more people's attention and light up a room thus you’ll stay on top of your competitors.


1:34 - What did Brian do before he got into the real estate industry

4:01 - The power of using video in your business and sending it via text, and embedding it in the email

6:31 - What is the ultimate role that social media plays in your business right now?

8:30 - Don’t focus on one social media platform and stay consistent in your content

9:38 - Where did Bryan get his content from, how to categorize, and sub-categorize them?

12:50 - His video creation process, how to be comfortable in front of the camera, and discover what’s the gateway to winning a client

15:43 - Using SEO on your videos to get more views

17:37 - Hacks, tips, and tools to get your videos viral

19:20 - Why you need a video editor and how you can hire them with a minimal fee or even for FREE

22:41 - Ways to get clients

24:53 - Leveraging the use of Social Media to build a solid foundation for your business, and for your prospecting and lead generation needs

27:03 - Continue expanding and building your brand, establishing trust and rapport, creating content that your audience can connect with consistently, and always showing up.

29:47 - Bryan’s secret to growing your Instagram followers and engagement, and enabling you to stand in your competitor

34:55 - What type of techniques and strategies Bryan use to get higher conversion rates

38:07 - How to grow professionally on Social Media

40:47 - Check on Bryan’s coaching programs and services

42:30 - Where can you find Bryan


  • You have to have the right strategy, you can't just be throwing something on the wall and expecting something to stick, you have to be purposeful with what you're going to do.
  • If you're more refined and you're more comfortable and you speak a lot better than the average realtor, you're going to be able to connect with people at a different level.
  • Create the right connections with local businesses and start featuring them on your Instagram, on your Facebook, and on your YouTube.
  • Build content, build your reputation, but also get contacts in and build some relationships and friendships with some people in your connection
  • Create any effect you would ever want to create. Journal what you want, focus on what YOU can control, and watch what happens.



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