Episode 7: How to do Intent Marketing through Social Media Advertisement


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In this episode, Khalid Nathan Aleem, Podcast Host, is joined by Jerome Lewis. He is the author of two books: The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide Book for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, and Real Estate Marketing. He's also the founder of the digital real estate strategy and winner of the EXP University's instructor of the Year Award. He also hosts his own podcast, which is called Real Estate Marketing. Jerome has helped over 5000 Real Estate entrepreneurs from 40 states and four countries.

Jerome Lewis will walk us through the step-by-step process of how to build your own Real Estate business, utilizing popular Social Media Media platforms as an advertising agent to promote your business. Jerome offers methods, techniques, and even help if you are struggling with the hurdles you are going through in your Real Estate business. Tune in for some golden advice to pump up your business.


1:20 - Jerome shares his story and background as an IT before he got into the Real Estate business and what motivated him to decide why he needed a turning point in his life.

2:33 - How did he get involved, who motivated and walked him through the Real Estate business.

3:32 - What things did he learn first before entering the program.

3:44 - How he used his niche in building his own business.

4:50 - What specialties and services the company offers.

5:15 - Busy? Then this 3 Do It Yourself model course is perfect for you.

5:36 - What are the biggest hurdles Realtors have in common?

6:46 - What is Jerome’s focus on his Real Estate career.

7:17 - What Social Media platform is the most convenient yet works best for the Realtors?

7:59 - What Social Media platform is best to use for intent marketing?

9:09 - Why do people who stick to and utilize the platforms win the business mostly?

10:26 - How you should organically advertise in Instagram

11:12 - What is a business page and how does it help you?

12:10 - When you should use Facebook ads.

15:38 - What is Jerome’s favorite platform and how does he utilize it.

16:19 - How important is taking a video and how does it affect your social media demographic?

16: 48 - The perks of using YouTube in your video content.

17:15 - What basic equipment do you need to create video content?

18:09 - Why spending on an outsourcing editor is the wisest move to do?

19:40 - What are the ways Jerome used to pull content?

21:00 - TikTok has the most organic reach and is the best place to submit short clips.

24:40 - Why do you need a landing page? How does it help your business?

25:43 - What third-party apps are recommended to help you find people in their social media campaigns, and search pages.

27:52 - How Email Marketing helps you in terms of digital space.

29:45 - How their company workflow when serving a client.

30:38 - What comprises Real Estate entrepreneurship. 31:38 - How the google review method helped Judy get an outrageous amount of views and what it can do to yours.

32:58 - Books, Services, and Courses that EXP University offers where you can invest valuable amounts of information, walk-through. and advice to pull off your business better than before.

35:38 - Learn from the fastest-growing brokerage in the world instructor and invest in courses.

37:04 - Video Marketing and Google Reviews as the dynamic duo in exposing your online business.

39:03 - How does leaving a review on Google shoot up your business.

40:00 - Conclusion


  • Khalid: What's the biggest problem that you see when Realtors come to you? If they want you to help? What's usually the biggest hurdle?

Jerome: One, is that they don't want to spend money. Two, they have unrealistic expectations.

    • The most significant change that I see is that whenever something changes, people panic. And that's what's happening, people are panicking, and they're not adjusting. So the people that stick to and utilize the platforms, they're going to get even more business because people are panicking. So that's the most significant change that I've seen.
    • So I still recommend having a business page, you can drive that business page with your personal page. But treat it like a business, put some money behind the spent money. It works. That's why the other companies are doing it.
    • If you're like not doing video, you're missing out on a huge demographic
  • “Email marketing, as in terms of the digital space is the most effective form of marketing…Email marketing is gonna make you the most money. So I highly recommend it. I use it.”

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