Ep. 191 - Security Awareness Series - Getting Hit By a Bus with Steve Orrin


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Today our guest is Steve Orrin. Steve is a respected IT executive with over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, solution architecture, virtualization security, and federal project management. Orrin earned a Bachelor's in Honors Research Biology from Kean University. He currently serves as a Federal Chief Technology Officer and Senior PE for Intel Corporation. He is also a key advisor and subject matter expert in the emerging technologies space, providing guidance to the Public Sector, Defense, and Intelligence communities. [Dec 19, 2022]

00:00 – Intro

00:55 – Intro Links:

03:43 – Steve Orrin Intro

04:26 – How did a biologist become a CTO at Intel?

09:10 – The evolution of security attacks

12:22 – Humans are humans

13:18 – Higher-risk targets

13:54 – If I knew then...LISTEN!

15:09 – Speak the language

16:27 – Making limoncello out of lemons

17:36 – Check your ego

19:04 – The prerequisites

21:06 – A Self-fulfilling Prophecy of Awesome Things

22:15 – Perfection is the Enemy of Good

26:06 – Handling failure

28:12 – Culturing opportunities

30:37 – Ninja skills

32:07 – Have you had mentors in your career?

33:42 – Book Recommendations

35:52 – Find Steve Orrin online

37:02 – Wrap Up

37:21 – Outro

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