Ep. 177 - The Doctor Is In Series - Hold This Coffee - Subliminal Persuasion


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Welcome to the Social-Engineer Podcast: The Doctor Is In Series – where we will discuss understandings and developments in the field of psychology.

This is Episode 177 and hosted by Chris Hadnagy, CEO of Social-Engineer LLC, and The Innocent Lives Foundation, as well as Social-Engineer.Org and The Institute for Social Engineering.

Joining Chris is co-host Dr. Abbie Maroño. Abbie is Director of education at Social-Engineer, LLC, and a perception management coach. She has a PhD in Behaviour analysis and specializes in nonverbal communication, trust, and cooperation.

Today’s conversation will be on the topic of Subliminal Persuasion. [Sep 05, 2022]

00:00 – Intro

00:27 – Dr. Abbie Maroño Intro

01:07 – Intro Links

03:26 – Why this podcast?

04:28 – The topic of the day: Subliminal Persuasion

05:46 – What is Subliminal Persuasion?

07:03 – The Coca-Cola & popcorn myth

09:08 – Judas Priest Lawsuit

10:32 – Sex on ice, does it work?

15:00 – Getting warmer...

16:08 – ...and colder

18:49 – The importance of being attentive

21:28 – Does it pass the smell test?

22:59 – Can Prime lead to Persuasion?

24:34 – The necessity of Motivation

27:05 – Does Belief play a role?

28:17 – The Smell of Fear

32:52 – Applying the Subliminal

38:58 – The limitations of application

41:26 – Subtle Psychology

44:33 – Book Recommendations

45:42 – Find Dr. Abbie Maroño on the web

46:26 – Find Chris on the web

46:41 – Wrap Up

47:59 – Outro

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