Ep. 174 - Security Awareness Series - Killing Baby Dragons with Shane McCombs


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This month, Chris Hadnagy and Ryan MacDougall are joined by the Chief Operating Officer of the ILF, Shane McCombs.

Shane leads the ILF with more than 25 years of experience in the tech industry, including more than a decade of experience in C-level roles. He led enterprise-wide initiatives within project management, customer relationship management and acquisition, policies and procedures, process improvement, and infrastructure. Shane is also an accomplished public speaker and trainer focused on change management, professionalism, social engineering, and corporate security. In the past, he volunteered for the Autism Hope Alliance and currently donates his time to businesses and non-profits as a trusted advisor. [July 18, 2022]

00:00 – Intro

01:02 – Intro Links

04:41 – Shane McCombs Intro

06:14 – What got you started off in InfoSec?

08:36 – What led you to want to do more in the industry?

10:40 – “Throwing your hat in the ring”

17:31 – Cybersecurity for kids and parents

19:52 – How to "minor" in a "major" topic

22:29 – Age appropriate conversations

25:12 – Additional concerns in the summer months

28:38 – The TRUST Framework

31:40 – The importance of communication

33:59 – When and how to introduce electronic monitoring

40:16 – The "stats" of ILF

43:50 – Who is your biggest mentor? - his wife

45:32 – Book Recommendations

48:44 – Wrap Up

49:29 – Outro

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